Jessica Bennett

Design Principal/Owner

Alice Lane Home Collection

“My experience working with Northland Design has been mind-bending! I look at the world differently now. It’s more than just getting scale of things right- It’s the shapes and the relationships to each and every moment you want to have in your outdoor spaces. We can all live like this. It’s not a secret—It’s just knowing who to trust with this very important decision. You actually can’t do it yourself. I design interior spaces all day long. After working with Northland Design, I would never dream of designing my own yard.
I call Jeremy and his team to work on our most discerning clients’ projects. They are the best at what they do.”

Paul Magleby


Magleby Companies


“Northland Design Group provides exceptional landscape architecture services to our valued clients and has done so for the past 10 years. Jeremy designed the landscape on my personal residence in 2003 and it has matured into a beautiful and exciting outdoor environment.

As a custom home builder I value Northland’s site planning and design expertise and the increased value their landscape designs bring to our Client’s properties. They solve functional challenges and propose aesthetic solutions that complement the quality of homes we build. Jeremy and his team care for our Clients and address their needs professionally, timely, and economically. I highly recommend their services.”

Ken Harris

Principal, AIA Architect

Harris Architecture

“I have been working with Northland Design for several years on a variety of architectural projects. I have been very impressed with their design abilities, creativity and ability to communicate with the architect and the clients.
They are very professional in their approach, understand technical issues such as grading, drainage and circulation, listen carefully to myself and the client, and respond promptly to deadlines.
I would highly recommend Northland Design to all of my clients. I am confident that they would provide excellent service, outstanding design and help insure the success of the project.”