Jeremy Fillmore

Jeremy Fillmore

Completing his degree in landscape architecture at Utah State University in 1997, Jeremy went on to Dallas Texas to pursue a land planning career...
Ryan Talbot

Ryan Talbot

Sr. Designer
Ryan is awed by process of design and creation. He especially, enjoys watching the inklings of an idea develop into reality and then into something that causes people to pause...
Jared Bullock

Jared Bulloch

Business Development Director
Jared loves building people & purpose and is driven by the challenge of solving new problems ...
Chris Valencia

Christopher Valencia

Project Designer
Christopher received his Masters’ Degree in Landscape Architecture from Spitzer's School of Architecture at City College in New York City...

Brock Saucier

Outdoor Designer
Even as a young boy, Brock preferred to wander off to the plant section rather than the toys...
Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon

Managing Director
Sarah loves working with people. She has worked in various management positions. She joined our team as our Managing Director in the fall of 2016...